About US

We are United International Company (LLC) working in the field of electronic publishing and information technology. It is an extension of Dar Al-Azhar publishing and distribution company, which has specialized in publishing and collecting Arabic heritage (manuscript and printed) for more than twenty five years. Across the Arab world.

Based on these experiences, the United International Company has issued the first Arab database dealing with the Arab heritage (the Arab Scout) to be one of the most important sources on which the researchers rely on to reach their research resources (Manuscript – rare book – rare periodicals – modern periodicals – conferences).

We believe in the importance of the Egyptian and Arab heritage (as it opens) new horizons for the nation, not to close the horizons and imprison them in the past. It is the best expression of cultural identity and heritage, full of great achievements in all fields of knowledge, History). Therefore, the revival of the heritage works to reformulate the curricula of social sciences from history, society, economy, politics, education, psychology as well as literature and its theories

Therefore, the Arab Scout database aims to compile this Arab heritage (printed and manuscript) and collect the content in all its forms and submit it to the user.

The base contains a large collection of Arabic manuscripts from various libraries in the world and in all branches of knowledge as well as a large collection of rare books editions of Europe and lithographs.

The Arab Scouts database is also interested in collecting heritage through the ancient Arabic periodicals since 1850 until now to serve as a link between past and present culture.

The content is classified scientifically according to the classification rules and the index of the world so that the user access to information easily and easily.

This is the result of work in the field of publishing and heritage for more than twenty five years.