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Rare Books

A collection of rare books (first editions, lithographs and European editions), some dating back to the 16th century AD This group represents the cultural heritage of the Arab world and some countries of the world because of the various cultural topics and time periods scattered in various sciences


We seek through the Scouts to collect the scattering of Arabic manuscripts distributed around the world. This Scout contains information about what the libraries of the world of Arabic manuscripts in the arts of science and knowledge, as well as catalogs of manuscripts

Arabic Magazines

Ancient patrols rare since 1850 were issued in Egypt and the Arab world, a large collection of periodicals, including patrols and historical patrols dating back to different historical periods

What else we provide?

Islamic Heritage

Islamic heritage is a comprehensive term that encompasses all that Islamic civilization and its societies have produced since the dawn of Islam and throughout the ages. Knowledge production is not confined to the forensic sciences alone, such as interpretation, Hadith, Fiqh, and so on. The branches of knowledge, in various languages, and the base of the Scouts provide a valuable collection of rare and contemporary books, manuscripts and scientific treatises that concern the revival of Islamic heritage.

Coptic Heritage

The Egyptian Coptic Heritage is one of the most important sources of Egyptian personality. It is an integral part of the Egyptian national history. Coptic heritage is full of works in various branches of knowledge throughout the ages and the Scouts Foundation provides all the details of Coptic history in a comprehensive sense to all interested and researchers more effectively and positively.

Pharaonic History (Egyptology)

The Pharaonic civilization in Egypt for more than 7,000 years and left us with a rich heritage in various branches of knowledge has been the focus of interest of scientists and researchers and provides the base Scouts valuable collection of ancient books, some of which dates back to 1780 and issued in several languages in addition to contemporary books that It was an important historic period in the history of Egypt.

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How we are

  • We are United International Company (LLC) working in the field of electronic publishing and information technology. It is an extension of Dar Al-Azhar publishing and distribution company, which has specialized in publishing and collecting Arabic heritage (manuscript and printed) for more than twenty five years. Across the Arab world.
    Based on these experiences, the United International Company has produced the first Arab database that deals with Arab heritage (Arabic Scout) to be one of the most important sources on which researchers rely on to reach their research resources (Manuscript – rare book – rare periodicals – modern periodicals – conferences)
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Rare Books
Arabic Magazines
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About us

Arab Scout Database aims to compile this Arabic heritage (printed and manuscript) and collect the content in all its forms and submit it to the user.
The base contains a large collection of Arabic manuscripts from various libraries in the world and in all branches of knowledge as well as a large collection of rare books editions of Europe and lithographs.
The Arab Scouts database is also interested in collecting heritage through the ancient Arabic periodicals since 1850 until now to serve as a link between past and present culture.
The content is classified scientifically according to the classification rules and the index of the world so that the user access to information easily and easily.

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