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Islamic Heritage

Islamic heritage is a comprehensive term that encompasses all that has been produced by the Islamic civilization and the societies belonging to it since the dawn of Islam and throughout the ages. Knowledge production is not limited to the forensic sciences alone, such as interpretation, Hadith, Fiqh, and so on. Branches of knowledge and various languages, and the base of the Scouts offers a valuable collection of rare books and contemporary manuscripts and scientific treatises that concern the revival of Islamic heritage.

Coptic Heritage

The Egyptian Coptic heritage is one of the most important sources of Egyptian personality. It is also present in the Egyptian folklore through a number of factors. The Coptic heritage in all its branches became a stand-alone science that many universities in the world are interested in because it is a fertile field for studies of Egyptian civilization. The Coptic Period. And the base of the Scouts offers all the history of Coptic meaning of the comprehensive all interested and researchers more effectively and positively.

Pharaonic History (Egyptology)

The Pharaonic civilization in Egypt for more than 7000 years and left us a rich heritage in various branches of knowledge has been the focus of attention scientists and researchers, and provides the base Scouts valuable collection of ancient books, some of which are issued in 1780 and published in several languages in addition to contemporary books that It was an important historic period in the history of Egypt.

Memory of Arab Women

The company adopted a scientific database that deals with a national humanistic project which is the memory of Arab women, which explains the role of Arab women in our Arab and Islamic world, where a large group of women emerged from the dawn of Islam until now, beating the best example of sacrifice, giving, contribution and participation in the branches of life. Therefore, the base of the Scouts contains models produced by women in manuscripts, books, articles and researches, as well as what was written about them in all sources